Do you know the production process of spout pouches?


Spout pouches, also known as Stand up spout pouches. There are various types of spout packaging bags, including Stand up spout pouches, edge-sealing Spout pouches and flat bottom bags Spout pouches. According to the spout position, it can be divided into vertical installation Spout pouches and oblique installation Spout pouches; according to the purpose, it can be divided into jelly Spout pouches, soy milk Spout pouches, jam sauce Spout pouches, laundry detergent Spout pouches, etc. At the same time, the selection of these spouts is also different. So how exactly is it produced?

spout pouches
spout pouches

Spout pouches production process: design → plate making → printing → laminating → curing → slitting → bag making → pressure nozzle

For products such as fruit juice, jelly and sauce, it is generally sufficient to use ordinary material PE to make straws, and do not need to be made of modified materials. But it should be noted that if there is too much oil in the sauce, it will also affect the plastic nozzle. Before that, many tests have to be done, and there are also requirements for the filling machine. The nozzle part of the jelly can be a long tube type nozzle. The long tube suction nozzle has the function of diversion, which is convenient to eat, and the bag is not easy to fold.
Nowadays, most of the liquid and powder products on the market are packaged in self-supporting spout bags, which have advantages that other product packaging cannot match. For example, some baby supplement brands in Australia use spout bags in their packaging. This innovative and convenient sucking bag-style packaging, equipped with a resealable lid, is an ideal food for babies to go out. It not only provides better energy supplements, but also encourages children to eat independently. In the future, spout bags will gradually replace bottled packaging


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