Pouches Making Process Of Spout Pouches


The production of Spout Pouch is roughly divided into the following 8 steps

1. Design: This is to design the layout of the packaging bag according to the customer’s requirements. A good design layout of the nozzle packaging has a good effect on increasing the sales volume of the product. In addition, our company provides design of packaging bags.

2. Plate making: It is to make the copper plate needed on the plastic packaging printing machine according to the confirmation draft of the nozzle packaging design. The version is a cylinder, and it is a complete set, not a single one. The specific size and the number of versions should be determined according to the packaging design of the previous step, and the price is also determined according to the size.

3. Printing: The specific work content on the plastic packaging printing machine is printed according to the first layer of material confirmed by the customer, and the printed effect diagram is not much different from the design draft.

4. Composite: The so-called composite is to bond two or more layers of materials together, and stick the ink surface in the middle of the two layers of materials, such as pa (nylon)/pe, where nylon is the first layer of material, that is, the printed material , pe is the second layer of material or composite material, and in some cases there will be a third and fourth layer of material.

5. Curing: According to different materials, different requirements, and different properties, it will be cured at different times in a constant temperature room, so as to achieve a firmer, no delamination, and no peculiar smell.

6. Slitting: Slitting is to split the cured packaging film according to the size requirements.

7. Bag-making: Bag-making is to make packaging film into finished packaging bags one by one with corresponding bag-making equipment according to corresponding requirements.

8. Hot mouth: Hot mouth is to burn the suction nozzle on the finished bag.


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