The advantages of stand-up pouches


Stand-up pouches are generally made by blow molding and casting . From its appearance , it is relatively simple . But the production is also very complex , and the requirements for it are also very high . In order to allow more people to be familiar with it , let me introduce some advantages of this stand-up bag of everyone . If you want to know , you can come and have a look . The thickness of the stand-up bag is uniform , and the service life is relatively long , which is favored by everyone . Since it is a relatively common product of life , what we need to know here is that the stand-up pouch is made of blow-molded PE particles by blowing a blow molding machine , and the cost is low , . So it is widely used . Moreover , the stand-up pouch is also a translucent , glossy and soft film . It is for these reasons that it is used in different industries . But when you use it , you need to be clear about your need . This stand-up pouch has excellent chemical stability , heat salability , water resistance and moisture resistance , freeze resistance , and can be boiled . Of course , we are also a well-known company in the industry . The advantages of the product also meet these . If your industry needs stand up pouches , you can order them here .

Sauce Pouches
Sauce Pouches

The density of the stand-up bag is about 0.92g/cm3 . Some people don’t know much about this . In fact , you will know it after I say it here . The transparency of this stand-up pouch is good , and it can be waterproof and moisture-proof ; the tensile strength is low , the tensile elongation is large , and it is easy to wrinkle . For films below 0.03mm , the tension control should be small . In addition , there are some more important knowledge points that everyone must know . For example , the tension between / in the stand-up bag should be constant , especially when it is heated , it will be more easily deformed , otherwise it will cause difficulty in color registration . Therefore , when drying , the surface temperature of the film should not be too high . If it is different according to the film forming process , the tensile strength and opening of the IPE film is better than that of the CPE film , then it is still printed on the front at this time , . So it can also be used here as food bags , clothing bags , etc . Judging from its texture , it is also very thick .

ketchup pouches
ketchup pouches


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