Two ways to fill liquid into spout bag


Sealing side filling

The price of sealing side filling equipment is relatively low, suitable for small batch and small order manufacturers by manual operation, manual bag insertion .
There are generally two disadvantages of sealing side filling. One is that there is a blank space at the sealing side, which is not particularly beautiful after filling and sealing.
The second is that the output of the sealing side filling is relatively low.

Spout filling

Spout filling can be divided into semi-automatic filling and automatic filling.

Semi-automatic filling is to manually insert the spout bag into the filling machine, the turntable of the filling machine rotates for filling, and finally the cap is screwed.
The spout of semi-automatic filling are generally single card slot suction spout.

The automatic filling is that the suction spout can be automatically bagged, filled and capped automatically on the turntable of the filling machine.
The spout of automatic filling are generally double slot suction spout.



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